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Letter styles are an art form. Choosing the right font style is extremely important to the style of your logo or sign. The style of the text, as well as the style of individual letters effects how the public perceives your business name, the name of your home, or even the name of your vehicle.

It could have been the 'D' that Mike received in penmanship, in an otherwise stellar 4th grade report card. But, somewhere along the way, style and readability of text became very important, alongside his pursuit of Artistic expression. Mastering the technique of custom hand lettering a few decades ago, has given Mike a deep appreciation for the intricacies and character of thousands of lettering styles. The availability of all these styles at Aardvark Artwork, is a great asset in giving the right style to your name.

Custom designed wood, metal, and acrylic dimensional letters can turn the face of your building into an attractive sign, blending with the architectural character of the building. Custom carving and gold leaf can add a unique touch to your dimensional letters. Through the use of photography and computer graphics you will be able to see how your building or sign will look, before any of the letters are made.

Call or email to find out how dimensional letters can be added to your building, or enhance a framed sign to give it added depth and character.

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    nisswa, mn 56468

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